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The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is known for its world-class museum galleries and vibrant Native dances, but few are familiar with the beating heart behind it all: our Library & Archives.

As part of our mission to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture, we’ve worked hard over the years to cultivate the only special collections and research library in the world specifically devoted to the history and culture of the Pueblo people.

With over 6,000 books, 12 archival collections, and 100 theses and dissertations centered on Pueblo topics, the IPCC has become a priceless resource of knowledge about Pueblo heritage for students, researchers, and even our own museum staff.

Through grant funding from the Association for Native Americans (ANA), we’ve partnered with Pueblo communities to provide workshops to young Native professionals pursuing careers in libraries, archives, and preservation. We are currently working with 10 community-based interns in 13 Pueblos, empowering Pueblos to safeguard their own heritage for future generations.

But this grant funding will conclude at the end of 2017, putting the future of our Library & Archives in jeopardy and threatening these outreach programs. For this reason, we're asking for support to ensure success in the years to come.


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